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"Best Buds" vote for us!

These two sweeties are adorable together.

  • Cinder was born with a heart murmur and had surgery at 7 months old to implant a device in a heart valve. It has been a year and she is doing amazing. She is the most beautiful little soul!

  • Kumo was rehomed to us when his family could no longer keep him. He is a very active and sweet boy that always seems to be smiling and waging his tail.

These two took to each other from day one of Kumo coming to our home. They are siblings, but from different litters. Constantly playing and getting into mischief together.

I recently submitted this photo of them in a contest because I thought it captured their personalities perfectly. It makes me smile just seeing their smiles in this photo.

If you would like to vote for us, voting runs through midnight on Sunday, July 23rd!!

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