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Empty Nest

Yesterday we said farewell to the last puppy in Reign's litter. I am so excited for the families they have found and get to grow up with. We miss them though. Yes we still have our dogs, and they fill our hearts full. But those puppies overfilled our hearts.

From the day they were born we with them nearly 24/7. Slept (if you can sleep) on a mattress on the floor next to the whelping pen for the first two weeks, and then moved them to a Pack-n-Play so they would be with us no matter what room we were in. Their mom Reign didn't mind at all.

By 4 weeks old we started litter training them and introducing them to mousse. They wore more than they ate at first, but eventually figured it out. The more mobile they get, the further we move the litter tray. Its amazing how well they do.

We spend so much time with them, handling them, socializing them, and just loving them.

So when they leave to new homes, its bittersweet. We will miss them.

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