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We Follow Puppy Culture with all our litters.

What is Puppy Culture?

I am on an endless quest for information, always signing up for trainings and researching all things "puppy". I wanted to make sure that we were giving our puppies the best chance at a confident, stable and happy life. It was on this quest that I found Puppy Culture.

Puppy Culture is a program with workbooks and videos that includes age-appropriate protocols and lessons that help us socialize and train our puppies.

Why Puppy Culture?

Puppy Culture believes that the puppies learn best when they have specific experiences at appropriate times.

With each litter, we re-watch all the videos and go through all the lessons supplied in the amazing tools Puppy Culture has provided us. When we know a litter is coming, we open our workbooks, order refill pages and start watching From Newborn to New Home.

For new puppy owners, we absolutely recommend "With Open Arms and a Level Head".

Our puppy packs include PC's book "Puppy Fitness That Fits the Puppy"

Want to know about what we are doing, follow this link:

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