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Hello! Welcome to our site and our lives! My husband Chris and I, Jacque, are CJ of CJ White's Pomeranians!

My first Pomeranian, Gypsy, came to me in 1999. She was a little black teddy bear. So loyal and what I like to think of as my 'first love'. In 2010, I saw a tiny little Pom in the window of a pet shop. I didn't think I could love another Pom, and as adorable as he was, I walked away. A couple of days later, that little boy joined our family, a gift. A little gray ball of fur, and we called him Dexter. (I was in the process of binge watching the TV series at the time.)

Six months after receiving Dexter, I received another gift, a little cream girl we called Missy.

You think when you have 1 Pomeranian, there is no way you could love another one as much, but they just make your heart bigger so you can love them all.

When I met Chris in 2013, I came with these three Pomeranians. And now he loves them just as much as I do.

Gypsy lived to be 13 years old. Her loss was devastating. But the love and life we had with her is worth it.

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